Prior to founding his stained glass studio Dave was a business consultant and college business administration professor for nearly 20 years at schools including Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Wheaton College.

While teaching and consulting in promotion management and related graphic arts Dave established David Wixon & Associates, Inc., in suburban Chicago to help firms with their marketing needs. A series of projects that resulted in the used of original stained glass in signs and advertising artwork created by Dave provided the impetus to develop his passion for stained glass into a business endeavor.

By associating himself with other highly qualified expert craftspeople for a rigorous training in architectural art glass and studio operation Dave expanded David Wixon & Associates, Inc., also known as Wixon Art Glass, into a full-service, full-time professional stained glass studio. It has since served clients nationwide since 1982.

Dave’s philosophy in running his studio is that “It is nice to be able to make nice things for nice people”. He is involved in every aspect of all his projects but also has the resources of other expert associates available to assist on specialized aspects of your project as needed.

In 2015 Dave relocated his studio to Peoria, Arizona, in suburban Phoenix where he is continuing to provide the same high quality stained glass services for which he is well known.


"Show me a man who does a good job and I will show you a man who is better than most and worthy of the company of kings” –Proverbs 22:29

At David Wixon & Associates we believe that when dealing with valuable, fragile and challenging windows, service of the highest quality is always the best buy. Among the ways our clients benefit are the following.

  • Stained glass and beveled glass is our specialty. It is not a sideline.
  • We are capable of assuming responsibility for any or all phases of your stained glass project.
  • We maintain sound business practices including timely and accurate schedule, records, reports, billing and excellent relations with suppliers.
  • We will work in partnership with you. Your objectives will become ours for your project.
  • We believe attention to doctrinal, artistic and structural matters are all necessary for the best church windows.
  • Our artists are versatile and can design in any style you specify from traditional to contemporary.
  • We have experience working on a large variety of window sizes and styles utilizing all methods of construction and materials.
  • We have a record of reliability and excellent results. We have many satisfied clients and can provide recommendations for our work upon request.
  • We have experience working at all kinds of heights both inside and outside.
  • We have a diversity of skills (e.g. masonry, carpentry) enabling us to creatively solve the unpredictable situations frequently discovered when working with old windows and old buildings.
  • Each of the owners, artists and artisans at David Wixon & Associates will provide you with the highest level of ethics, expertise and enthusiasm.

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