The high reputation of my business is important to it and to me personally. I believe no other custom stained and beveled glass studio has a better record for conducting projects that are on budget, on schedule and to agreed upon specifications.

It is the objective of our business to provide art glass products and services that are of high merit both artistically and structurally and to do so in a fairly priced and pleasurable experience for all of those involved. We believe the record we have accumulated over the lengthy period of time we have been in business demonstrates that we are able to consistently do this.

We are known as a firm that conducts all of its affairs ethically. We are proud that we have established a reputation for accepting challenging projects that other firms can not do or are not interested in doing. We also endeavor to conduct all of our projects with enthusiasm. This means that besides accepting commissions for only creative and fairly priced work, we also choose to work only with clients who value the ethics, expertise and enthusiasm we will provide them.

Among stained and beveled glass studios there is no standard warranty policy and rarely any individual policy at all. Some reasons that may explain this are the following factors.

    • Designing, building and installing stained and beveled glass can be complicated and requires expertise and the skill to apply that knowledge. Because of this, most buyers of stained and beveled glass quite naturally lack the basis upon which to determine the quality of art glass. If something looks nice then quality differences in such things s design, structure, quality of materials used, installation, and maintenance requirements are not recognized or valued.

    • When important differences between the products and services of various studios are not appreciated, buyers tend to make all of their purchase decisions based on price. This makes it difficult to provide a high quality of product and service for the same price as those that are of lower quality. A higher price does not automatically result in higher quality but high quality will always cost more to provide than lower quality will. When products must be sold solely on the basis of price, they will not be warranted because they can not be.

    • Custom art glass is the result of a collaborative process between the glass studio and the client. The creation of a custom item for a specific location, often under unique conditions, on a fixed budget, and for a particular purpose, makes it difficult to forecast circumstances and what their effect will be on the appearance and life of the glass. No feasible warranty policy is possible when the future can not be predicted or controlled.

However, it is reasonable when the buyer is concerned about value instead of price only to consider the matter of quality. The following is our policy regarding guarantees and warrantees.

As experts in stained and beveled glass we will offer recommendations and be available to answer any question we can regarding the factor that should be understood that affect the quality of our art glass projects. We will make the effort to be accurate, complete and persuasive in our answers, explanations and recommendations.

The craft of stained and beveled glass is still an art and not a science. However, we can guarantee that the project will be conducted using only traditional and time tested techniques and materials. We can also guarantee that the results of any project will conform to the design or designs approved in advance by the buyer including the materials to be used. We will also not change an agreed upon price or project budget without the mutual agreement of the buyer for just cause. We can guarantee that any item we design and build can be installed in a satisfactory manner that is both attractive and sturdy.

In the event that our recommendations are disregarded or where decisions are made by others that we have no input into or control over but affect our glass, we can not warranty the result. Some examples of the kinds of decisions by others that have occurred in the past to interfere with our projects are the following: our recommendations concerning frame requirements or supplement support have been ignored; our glass designs have been modified contrary to our recommendations; and, secondary glazing is improperly mounted over the window in a manner contrary to our advice. Also, if circumstances beyond our control, such as vandalism or the shifting of window openings from building foundation movement, results in damage to our glass, there is no practical way we can warranty our windows from these either.

I believe the various projects described and illustrated throughout our website provide a reliable basis for concluding the high quality of our products and services.

To further help the prospective client determine our ability to do what we propose, we are willing to provide upon request details of projects and the names of clients who can provide a record of our firm's past performance. We believe the results of our work, including how we have conducted the projects and how we have resolved special challenges, will provide you with the confidence you want when dealing with us.

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