In the early part of the twentieth century when people went "uptown" they were going into one of Chicago's great cultural centers. As the century progressed and the area deteriorated as other parts of the city ascended the Uptown neighborhood became an urban center with all kinds of problems that afflict marginalized people with limited resources. The neighborhood is now faced with new problems that accompany the regentrification of historic and conveniently located housing. As Pastor Michael Allen says, "We are preaching now to Ph.D.s, M.D.s, G.E.D.s and no Ds". The church is also the anchor to many ethnic congregations that serve the area's diverse population which include a large number of immigrants from all over the world.

The church was established in 1976 but it was not until 1981 that it was able to have its own building facilities in the heart of Uptown when it acquired the building from a former church. However, that congregation had been unable to maintain the building and the great ministry needs and level of financial resources of Uptown Baptist Church the amount of restoration that could be done.

Over a period of years David Wixon and a number of his associates were able to meet the challenges that the extremely dilapidated stained glass and frames throughout the church presented. The results were presented to the church as a gift from all those who worked on them to facilitate the ministries at Uptown Baptist Church.

The following pictures are examples of some of the conditions that existed before the windows were restored and what they now look like. Besides looking good they are also weathertight and structurally sound once again. Additional pictures also show some of the work in progress along with some of the restoration team members from throughout the project.

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