Stunning, yes, but how can you use stained and beveled glass in your own home? Consider the following instances where glass art is the perfect solution to common problems.

For example, what do you do with that truly odd-sized bathroom window that faces the street? Bad enough that the neighbors can look in and see you naked but the window is octagon shaped or perhaps only 12 inches wide but 6 feet long. Drapes and blinds are out of the question but with a stained glass window insert this otherwise "impossible situation" is not only resolved but becomes the focal point in the room.

Here is another case. Your architect designed a double door entrance with sidelights and an enormous transom over the ensemble. Impressive to be sure but all that clear glass makes the home very "public". However, the use of beveled glass, uncolored textured glass or colored glass can create a warm and gracious entryway in addition to providing privacy.

These examples show that beautiful stained and beveled glass can be practical as well as enjoyable for its own sake.

More Modern Uses For Stained And Beveled Glass

Here are some other recent examples of stained and beveled glass projects that we have done that may suggest some ideas for your own home.

  • + A fanciful design in opaque glass was used in a window next to a hot tub to provide privacy without blocking light.
  • + Stained and beveled glass is widely used in entryway windows to give a dramatic and elegant look to otherwise plain door panels, sidelights and transoms.
  • + Stained or beveled glass can be used to block or disguise an unattractive view.
  • + Beveled or stained glass panels are used in cabinet front openings to dress up the doors on all kinds of built-in cabinets.
  • + A large and extremely glaring glass block staircase window was softened by covering it with a glass panel that featured a garland of native pastel wildflowers and darker leaves on a tinted background of antique glass.
  • + A multi-paneled screen of transparent glass can be used to divide a large room into functional areas without destroying the effect of spaciousness.
  • + A custom designed stained glass lampshade, glass pnael or window can be used to tie a room's unmatched furniture or decor together by desiigning one piece of glas art that integrates all the colors.
  • + Custom designed and color coordinated hanging glass lamps, ceiling light covers and wall sconces can be used to add color overhead to otherwise stark ceilings and to plain or high walls.
  • + A multi-paneled screen of opaque glass can be used to make an oversize room more intimate by reducing the boundaries of the living space.
  • + Old stained and beveled glass windows, doors and cabinet fronts from a variety of sources can be restored, refinished and used in such new ways as hanging room dividers, skylights and folding screens.
  • + Stained and beveled glass can be used to establish or reinforce a particular style or mood. This can be either the enironment's original style or one which is being adapted to it.
  • + Original beveled, stained and etched glass windows, even those over 100 years old, can be successfully repaired, restored or replicated as part of a building's overall refurbishment.
  • + Lampshades, such as those at work stations or over pool tables, window panels, cabinet doors and other decorative items can be personalized and made more special by incorporating names, school colors, family crests, company logos or favorite pastime symbols into them.

How To Start

As you can see, the options available to you withstained and beveled glass are extensive and each has its own advantages and costs. However, we are sure that if we can discuss your interests and objectives, tastes and budget, we can recommend a project that will satisfy you in every way.

Don't just wonder what might be done with a boring view or an unsatisfactory space or wonder what it might cost to improve it. Know for sure what is possible and what is involved and then decide. We believe you will be as excited as we are over the many wonderful ways you can add the elegance and flair of stained and beveled glass to your home.

Please fee free to contact us, even if it is just with a question or a request for information. We will be glad to be of service to you.

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